Case Study

Beauty Core
Client — We Are Monty

Beauty Core is a skincare brand with a focus on regeneration and anti-ageing, founded by trained pharmacist Jelena Miladinovic-Delic. Jelena has combined her science background with nature to create natural products with no parabens, paraffins or petrolatum.

Wanting to elevate their online presence, we helped create a look and feel for the brand that would translate well on social media without alienating the 40-70 age customer demographic, whilst being educational and engaging. With an existing logo and primary typeface, our focus was on building a brand identity through typography use, colour and art direction.

Deliverables — social assets

After the brand colours, type and art direction were established, the social assets could be created to bring the new brand direction to life.


— Increase in followers by 467%
— Increase in impressions by over 700%

— Engagement rate on average was 5.2% which is 210.4% higher than before the brand re-work
 © Studio Nice Nice 2023
© Studio Nice Nice 2023