Evans, Arcadia
SS/AW Gift cards

Evans is a plus-size woman’s clothing brand. Evans wanted to refresh its in-store gift card offering, which would cover both Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer seasons.

We designed 3x Autumn Winter and 3x Spring Summer to create a set of six to span across the year, offering options for the customer to choose from.

The deliverables included a still life shoot with images to be used for advertising the gift cards throughout the store. All gift cards used Foilco hot foil to give the cards a more tactile finish and to elevate the cards into more giftable end products.

Deliverables — gift card enclosure, envelopes, physical gift card, sealing stickers, gift card still life shoot

Festive gift card
In addition, they wanted to add a specific festive gift card to the offering, without alienating customers who do not celebrate Christmas for cultural reasons.
Evans, Arcadia

Design + Art Direction
Sara Cane
Emma Weber

Emily Wheeler


— Graphic Design
— Typography
— Print Finishes

— Art Direction
— Pantone Matching
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© Studio Nice Nice 2023