Jo Malone London
Poppy & Barley

Jo Malone London is a British fragrance brand, known famously for its candles and colognes. Whilst working with Jo Malone London over a two year period, one of the focuses was the digital campaign for the main launch of the year, Poppy & Barley.

One of the struggles of selling fragrance-based products online is communicating the product without having the sense of scent to accompany it, as you would in store. The objective of the online launch was to use the shoot assets to give the customer the confidence in understanding of the fragrance, and make a purchase. By focusing on the tasting notes and the sensorial textures of the poppies, the feeling of the fragrance was brought to life.

Deliverables — landing page, social assets, web assets, affiliate banners, CRM, external retailer assets
Landing Page
Display Assets

Social Assets

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© Studio Nice Nice 2023